Outdoor Accent Lighting

DragonFish lighting adds the perfect look, ambience and curb appeal to your home.

Curb Appeal

DragonFish lighting adds instant curb appeal to your home.
Accent lighting helps will visibility, security and most of all improves
the aesthetics of your home at night. The sky is the limit on how you
choose to accent your home from lighting individual peaks, choosing
colors for different zones, and preset lighting patterns.

Downlighting Versus Uplighting

The DragonFish downlighting system lighting seamlessly mounts
in an aluminum track behind the trim of your home, provides less
visibility to the lights, protect your lights from harmful elements
and animals, and creates less visible light from the sky drawing
less attention to your home.

Where traditional uplighting is installed in the landscaping
surrounding your home, visible during the day, and can be
damaged from harmful elements like hail. It is also susceptible
to light pollution which also lights the sky around your home.

What Else Can DragonFish Do?

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