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As a Dragon Fish Lighting authorized dealer you have the ability to add permanent outdoor lighting to an existing service company or a new company!

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Get started with a reasonable investment and franchise costs.

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Our quality permanent lighting solution will help your business stand-out.


We’re here to help increase the success and resolve unforeseen issues.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does DragonFish Lighting have a referral program?

Happy Clients are the key to our business

-Your home is our best marketing tool and your recommendations are our most important Ad Campaign. Once your system is installed on your property, the questions are going to start and you will be SO EXCITED to post photos of your home or business year-round. We will reward you for all the growth that comes from each DragonFish Lighting Customer. We understand that if you are not happy then we cannot make any of your Neighbors, Friends or Family that’s why Customer Satisfaction is Paramount and is our ONLY FOCUS.

Is DragonFish Lighting a franchise?

No, you are not buying a franchise, you are buying a system and structure, the DragonFish Lighting name, will be your Brand. Our agreement makes you an “authorized dealer” of DragonFish Lighting, similar to Best Buy is an authorized dealer of the Sony brand. This agreement gives you the ability to buy our product at dealer pricing. As an Authorized Dealer, we do require you to sell DragonFish Lighting exclusively. You are able to sell this side by side with your existing product line or business if you do not offer lighting services. (See contract for terms and limitations)

Am I able to use the “DragonFish Lighting” name as or in my business name?

This is an opportunity to join our family and the goal is to expand this Brand and become the leading low voltage Permanent Lighting Company for residential and commercial industry’s. Our Marketing Group will make sure that DragonFish Lighting Brand that you are representing is making prospective clients aware of DragonFish Lighting products and services. As an Authorized Dealer, you are buying into a system that is done for you, all you have to do is apply the hustle in growing the business, we will have your back, we will always be thinking about the next level in helping you grow.

Where are you accepting new dealers?

Anywhere 3 hours outside of one of our corporate locations, Additional Dealers are accepted and able to expand into available Zip Codes that are not leased.

Authorized Dealer

What is expected of a DragonFish Lighting Dealer?

  • Someone with an existing business presence and/or customer base
  • General contractors, electricians, siding/soffit/fascia installers
  • Someone excited about growing a business with an emerging product

How do I become an Authorized Dealer?

DragonFish Lighting is very protective of its Brand, we only represent the best products and materials, this is expected as well when we choose Authorized Dealers to represent our Brand to other markets or territories. To become an Authorized Dealer you must meet the requirements, purchase the dealer minimum of product, complete our company training program, simply complete one job, have it approved, and then you will be authorized to sell and install to the public.

Are there exclusive territory’s?

DragonFish Lighting gives our Dealers the ability to have Protected Territories, with the dealer minimum product investment you will ALSO receive a 35 Zip Code Protected Territory service area – within a 40-mile radius. You will have an option to expand your service areas by adding Zip Codes to service, at $50.00 per Zip Code. Additional City, State Protected Territories can be held with a $5,000.00 Hold Fee, this amount will be transferred and used as inventory credit

Are leads generated for the Authorized Dealers?

If you are not making money, we’re not making money. When you become an Authorized Dealer, you are buying into a successful system and we have a marketing plan that will generate customers in each of our Dealer Locations.

What is the minimum initial investment to become Authorized Dealer?

DragonFish Lighting is an Outdoor Low Voltage Permanent Lighting solution for residential and also commercial industry’s. You will have a gateway to the fast-growing industry and this growth is powered by premium quality materials, marketing, training, and a professional corporate team that has hands-on experience and proven business experience to take your future to a brighter light! Your Authorized Dealer Fee will provide all the tools to cover the basics of setting your business up, you will receive marketing items, company website, product/ inventory to service the first 5 clients, and training in operation and install. We’ve invested the time and research and have created the best products offered in the Permanent Lighting Industry, you are buying into a successful system. DragonFish Lighting is in Partnership with the Inventor of this Patent Product, DragonFisth Lighting has designed as a successful turn-key system and structure that will take out the unknown when moving towards investing your hard-earned money. You are joining the movement and DragonFish Lighting will be the leader in Low Voltage Permanent Lighting. Minimum dealer product fee $20,000.00


What does an installation entail?

A typical installation is mounting and setting up the controller, fishing wire from the controller to the lights, cutting metal, drilling metal into soffit, and running jumps between sections of lights. WE cover all the details, so you as a customer will not have to.

For example, a 350′ job has:
– 3 Lines
– Controller
– Power Supply

The 3 lines go to:
– Lower Roof Line
– Upper Roof Line
– 2nd Floor Popout

It is important to know the limitations of your system.
– Lents of Jumps (what length requires a transmitter and/or a receiver
– The length of each line
– The limitations of the control box

The maximum length with one line is 250′
Maximum length with 2 lines, each at 150′ is 300′
 A system with a controller and power supply, should not exceed 500′ to 600′ depending on the configuration.

We have detailed instructions that outline the installation process in our manual.

It is required that you come and work with one of our installation teams for a few days before we send you the product. This will give you hands-on experience installing a job from start to finish which will result in a more successful and profitable dealership.

How do I bid a project?


One of the quickest ways to get in trouble is to lose your bids and or mismanage your customer’s information. For this reason, it is important to have a plan in place. At the moment, DragonFisth Lighting does not offer a management system or integrated management system. However, if you wanted to use the same system we use, we are happy to point you in their direction.

At a minimum, you want the most basic information available to each person who needs to know (Sales Team, Install Team, Accounting, Warehouse, Etc). One way to do this without buying a management system is to manage customers in Google Docs.

  • Create a Google Docs folder to manage your customers
  • Create a File for each customer
  • Add a map of the job
  • Add photos of the job (house and soffit color)
  • Add a worksheet that details the aspects of the job (see sample below)


You can:

  1. Bid off contractor plans in drafting software
  2. Measure with a tape measure or roller
  3. Measure with a laser


There are many types of drafting software. We use one called Planswift, we are able to do the following:

  • Create save individual jobs
  • Measure each roofline
  • Measure each side separately (different color)
  • Export Screen Shots to share with the customer

NOTE: It is really important to check the scale before measuring. There are times when customers are give a compressed version of the plans. These will not measure correctly. This happens maybe 10 to 20% of the time. Select the scale of the document, and measure a measurement on the plans. If it says something like 7′ and you measure 7′, your plans are to scale.


Soffit tiles are an easy way to measure the home. They are typically in a fixed pattern on the home and all a consistent size. To do this, measure the width of 1 tile. Count the number of tiles and multiply:


It is best to have a tape measure or roller on hand to grab the measurements.

  • Role around the base of the house to get
  • Determine the pitch of the roof or height of the center of each peak to determine the length of the slope on each peak


Draw a map of the full roofline. Double-check the map and measurements to make sure you don’t miss anything. Measure each side individually and round the number up. This will help you account for a little waste on the job.

The bidding and mapping process should be used to identify a few things:

  • Accurately measure the house
  • Identify the placement of the control box
  • Talk to the homeowner about power (a plug) for the control box
  • Identify how you get from the control box to each starting point
  • What type of track is needed?
  • What is the color track needed? (Soffit Color)
  • Do you need a blank track?
  • Are there special conditions?
  • Is there attic access?
  • Can all the wires be hidden?
  • Will you need a transmitter and receiver?
  • Will they need a WiFi extender?


When you look at the control box and starting points on a home, you will be able to determine if a transmitter a receiver or both. It all depends on the length between the control box and starting point, or between light to light. Visit our ONLINE MANUAL for more info.


A WiFi Extender often called a Signal Extender is used to increase the range between the control box and the home router. There are numerous types of WiFi Extenders on the market. You can offer them or they can buy one themselves. A good rule is that if there are more than 50 feet between the Router and Control Box, you ought to be informing the customer that one may be needed. Show up with one just in case. If the control box will not connect to the Router, this is the first thing to consider when troubleshooting. Visit our ONLINE MANUAL for an example.

Do I need to be an electrician?

We do not make this Mandatory, however, we would strongly recommend having a Professional Electrician or Company to help install or double-checking install. Build a successful team and you will have successful results. DragonFish Lighting believes in quality and not having additional service calls after the job is complete and service satisfaction

Do I need Liability Insurance?

Yes. Each Dealer will be required to provide Liability Insurance? This protects all parties from the Homeowner – Property and company equipment and staff.

Does the Product have a warranty program?

DragonFish Lighting offers a one year labor and three-year parts warranty.

As a DragonFish Authorized Dealer, you agree to provide one year of free labor to customers you install at your expense. After one year, we recommend charging a service fee for service, maintenance, or repairs. This is consistent with our corporate warranty.

DragonFish Lighting (Corporate) will cover the replacement of defective product or product that does not last the warranty period [3 years]. After which, products may be purchased and replaced at their regular price. Replacement of defective components may include a service fee if the defect is detected after the labor warranty has expired

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